The Bug, The Spider & The Butterfly: Gerben Mulder, Xavier Noiret-Thomé &
Janaina Tschäpe | January 30 - April 3, 2010

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The Bug, The Spider & The Butterfly: Gerben Mulder, Xavier Noiret-Thomé &
Janaina Tschäpe

January 30 - April 3, 2010

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 30th, 6 - 9 pm

Roos Arts is proud to present a three person exhibition, "The Bug, The Spider and The Butterfly:  Gerben Mulder, Xavier Noiret-Thomé and Janaina Tschäpe." This exhibition brings together three artists who explore painting and its process with both scrupulous and uninhibited intentions.  While one artist builds a painting with layers of cultural and personal flair, another discovers a merging of self and nature within a canvas. The finished work is both a rhetoric and representation of itself, both commentary and living reflection of Painting and its surrounding audience.

Xavier Noiret-Thomé utilizes an unhindered vocabulary to build paintings that are as much about Painting as they are about the world at large. This practice of metapainting opens more doors than can be entered at once, addressing the viewer with a myriad of references on a single painting; ranging from his personal life, art history, pop culture, animation, and abstract geometric forms, each shape and layer coalesced into fragmented and playful harmony. The painting and drawings in this exhibition exemplify an artist on a never-ending mission to explore the narratives of painting, to pervert its certainties and circle in its perpetual state of becoming.

The paintings by Janaina Tschäpe are created with an intuitive and organic process, where shapes and colors are extracted from nature.  Uneven webs of earthly hues relate in a dance of vibrations, reflecting the thoughts of an artist preoccupied with extending the personal to fables of fantasy and imagination. Ethereal, obsessive, geometric, and abstract, the works in the exhibition dismiss uniformity and formal precision, embracing a narrative rife with fairy tales.  An undeniably feminine and sexual energy is visible in Tschäpe’s practice. Bountiful cascades of organic forms engage in playfulness and embody the mind’s wish to lose control, to be free to enter an environment void of reason.

Gerben Mulder recently turned his focus from portraits of innocent yet disturbing and nightmarish figures to still life paintings and collages.  The new series of work relay the same uneasy, dark underlying energy but as a potential magnificence of living forms.  A still life painting with flowers in a vase is executed with the blunt and uneven strokes, representing the leaves, the vase and its support in broad patterns.  Carried out with the rich and dark palette of Fauvist influence, formal vocabulary does not apply here.  The reference to a traditional format is upturned and incorporated to a contemporary vocabulary that is as much about the voice of the artist as it is a statement about our current state of establishments. 

Noiret-Thomé, Tschape, and Mulder embrace painting's multitudinous identity, allowing its history, process and value to be scrutinized and manipulated.  Each artist's work relishes in the instability and fleeting significance of cultural statements, where history is vulnerable to reinterpretation; and notions of the self and its relation to the world is explored in vast and animated strokes.

An essay written by Joann Kim accompanying the exhibition is available upon request.

Additional information for "The Bug, The Spider and The Butterfly: Gerben Mulder, Xavier Noiret-Thomé and Janaina Tschäpe" is available upon request by contacting Heige Kim at 718-755-4726 or via email at