For Immediate Release

Friday, May 8, 2009 at 7 pm
$ 5 Suggested Donation

ROSENDALE, NY – Roos Arts is pleased to present an evening featuring fresh voices in creative writing, Saidee Brown from Kingston, Jacinta Bunnell from Stone Ridge, Carrie Schapker from Accord, and Hope Windle from Rosendale.   The writers’ works share a blend of humor and sharp observations about a range of ordinary, yet intense moments of life.     

Saidee Brown lives in on the Strand in Kingston.  She is a mama of three small children.  When she isn't fixing cat costumes or popping playmobil hair back into place she finds time to write.

Jacinta Bunnell has been writing ever since the age of five when she received a blue plastic typewriter for her birthday.  She writes stories of family squalor and disarray.   She has co-authored Girls Are Not Chicks and Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls Will Be… Coloring Books. 

Carrie Schapker has created illustrated and collaged journals since receiving her first diary at age 8.  After attending a Lynda Barry writing workshop in fall 2006, she continues to be inspired to write poetry and stories. 

Hopie Windle laughed, she cried, she wondered why. To this day, a story is a hypnotizing wonder of her life. And in the words of the hypnotist, please repeat after me, "And this you will do for me." See you in May...

The writers met at a monthly writing group that rotates through different homes in the area with a different member facilitating each time.  Instead of focusing on critique, the group provides a space for the sheer enjoyment of the craft.  Members gather and do a series of exercises supplied by the facilitator.  Then there is optional sharing.  “Hearing what other people write is one of the best parts,” notes Jacinta Bunnell, a founding member.   

Roos Arts is a new contemporary art space located at 449 Main Street, Rosendale, NY. We will be open to the public with our first group show titled, “Meet & Cake” on Saturday, April 25th, 7 – 10 pm.  The exhibition will feature artists working in diverse medium and subject matter.  We are excited to become a part of this wonderful community of creative artists, and hope to present many more readings, performances, artist talks and exhibitions.  For more information and upcoming events, please visit  We will be open starting April 25 to the public from Thursday – Saturday, 1 – 5 pm and by appointment.

Carrie Schapker
484 Mettacahonts Rd.
Accord, NY 12404

Roos Arts
449 Main Street
Rosendale, NY 12472