Nancy Murphy Spicer | re:location | 6 August - 17 September 2011

Nancy Murphy Spicer, re:location

For Immediate Release

Nancy Murphy Spicer

6 August - 17 September 2011
Opening Party: Saturday, August 6, 6 - 8 pm

Opening Drawing Session with the Artist: Saturday, August 6, 4 - 6 pm

Gallery Hours: Thursday - Saturday, 1 - 5 pm

Roos Arts is proud to present re:location, an exhibition of new work by Nancy Murphy Spicer. The name references Murphy Spicer’s shift from situating her practice in Boston, Massachusetts, to being based in Bristol, UK, with practice-related travel in the EU. It also acknowledges Murphy Spicer’s ongoing focus on creating works in relation to specific spaces – geographic, architectural and social.

Biking in Berlin is a new series of works on paper resulting from a 2010 residency in Berlin. The shapes in the drawings were found in Berlin – either through the physical process of first drawing them with the body circumnavigating the city or by extracting them from a Berlin guidebook. The drawings themselves are quirky, abstract compositions that have physicality. The images are built with the found shapes using collage and layers of paint in eye-popping color.

Hanging Drawing Loops is part of an ongoing series of physical drawing systems Murphy Spicer has created. The flexible three-dimensional lines are made to be handled. They are sculpted from stripped and handspun friction tape which is then layered with acrylic paint. A collection of the lines will traverse the gallery space using the whole of it as a drawing surface. The artist welcomes the provisional nature of the work and invites gallery visitors to adjust the lines to create new compositions within the space.

Murphy Spicer’s installations and works on paper have been shown in galleries and museums and are held in private collections in the US, the UK and Germany. In 2009 and 2010, she was the recipient of a travel grant and a curatorial grant from Spike Island, UK. Her work has been described as “somewhere indefinable between painting, drawing and sculpture.” Murphy Spicer is represented by Carroll and Sons in Boston, Massachusetts, US, and is based in Bristol, UK.

Please contact Heige Kim at or 718-755-4726 for more information about this exhibition.

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Biking in Berlin, 22, 2010