SUSIE TARNOWICZ |To the top of the lampshade... | March 6 - 28, 2015

Susie Tarnowicz's Oven Setup

To the top of the lampshade...
Solo Exhibition of Recent Works

March 6 - 28, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, March 6th, 5 to 8 pm
Artist Reading at 6 pm

Roos Arts is thrilled to present a solo exhibition by Susie Tarnowicz, "To the top of the lampshade...". Tarnowicz is prolific in her studio. She deserves a much bigger space to fully represent her practice. From tiny to life size drawings and paintings, and through her writing, she transforms objects into layered space. For Tarnowicz, the paintings, like the writing, have always been expressive in their nature addressing a certain kind of poetry in human tracing; she hopes for the work to celebrate language as something that can be physically created, textural, felt, and amorphous.

Tarnowicz begins her painting and drawing by installing a setup and writing. It is a playful beginning where she connects to specific memories or details of objects as well as land that she feels connected to. The objects, like tables and chairs, signify a container that holds the human experience of sharing as well as a structural tool to support the drawing. Other materials such as household fabrics, shovels, kitchen tools, brushes, irrigation supplies are used as devices to both create and hold meaning. Once she begins to paint and draw, she focuses on the formal aspects of an object as she sees it, such as the appearances of lights and darks. Later on, the setup transforms, into both soft and workable subject matter and surface. The elements in the setup become part of a larger narrative and we are invited to examine relationships, for example, between a particular lampshade and a brush that echoes into a bridge into a shoe. At this point in her process, the ink and the water as medium propel the things inside the setup to take on many roles, to become many things at once and move into many places. The meaning behind each object, the identity built, one might say, disappears. The objects become weightless in their environment and we are free to attach meaning however we, the viewer, choose.

Susie Tarnowicz graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Painting. After participating in RISD’s European Honors Program in Rome during her junior year, she returned to Italy immediately after school to pursue a career in dairy farming and to learn the process of Sardenian adobe restoration, brick-making and housing construction. Tarnowicz continued farming in Upstate NY and into Vermont where she felt inspired to integrate plein-air painting into her practice and return again to the studio with new intentions. Following this work, she took a job as a middle school art teacher for two years at Greenwich Academy in CT from which she was lead to the Byrdcliffe Colony in Woodstock NY on an artist residency and has since considered the Catskills home. She has lived and worked on Slow Roots Farm in Kingston, Breezy Hill Orchard in Statsburg, traveled to Ireland on an artist residency at the CowHouseStudios and now makes her drawings and paintings as well as short form writings in Lomontville, NY. Susie has shown her work at galleries and schools throughout New England as well as abroad in both Wexford and Dublin, Ireland, where her written work was published in an exclusive edition of handmade books through Monster Truck Studios and Cowhouse. Her paintings and drawings are currently exhibited locally at Roos Arts gallery in Rosendale, NY, and also permanently at the Local Economies Project office in Kingston.

We hope you will join us on Friday, March, 6, from 5 - 8 pm for the artist's reception. The artist will be reading from her selected short writing at 6 pm. This is our last show at this location. Let's celebrate Susie Tarnowicz and her work and the fabulous 6 years of Roos Arts in Rosendale.

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